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Media campaign launched to find missing Ga. lesbian

Henry County resident Lisa Lawson has been reported missing and her girlfriend, Michelle Alexander, launched a campaign to help find her at

Lawson, who is 40, was last seen Nov. 19 in Clayton County, according to the website. Her description states that she is 5’10” and 175 pounds. She is an African-American woman, last seen wearing a red Atlanta Falcons sweatshirt and black sweatpants. She was driving a green 2001 Chevrolet Suburban (tag PAN 6028) after taking her daughter to work.

Alexander told GA Voice she and Lawson have been together for about five months. They have known each other for four years, she added.

“I really don’t know. The family and I have tried to ponder,” Alexander said. “There were some text messages sent to me and some family members telling us that she loved us very much and then she disappeared. We don’t know if she ran away. We don’t know if she’s in a ditch somewhere. We just don’t know.”

A report was filed with the Clayton County Police Department, but limitations in the case exist because Lawson is an adult and no suspicious activity is suspected, said Sgt. Kevin Hughes, the department’s public information officer.

Anyone who has seen or had contact with Lawson is urged to contact the website administrators by phone at 678-480-0147 or email

Additional information:

5’10, 175 Pounds

She was last seen wearing a red Atlanta Falcons sweatshirt, black sweat pants, and shoes to match. Her brown, blondish/reddish hair is worn in a variety of styles. Sometimes in an afro style, braided, and twisted.

She drives a Dark Green 2001 Chevy Suburban with Tags from Henry County, PAN6028.

She has a tattoo of an exploding heart on her right upper arm and a colorful Ying/Yang on her right calf. Her cell phone has been dead since 11/21 and is currently untraceable.

Lisa has a large family and many friends in the Atlanta area that are worried sick and want to know she is okay. If you have seen her, anywhere in the country, please reach out to us. We will investigate any lead you can provide.

Please take a look at this video and share it with all of your social media outlets.

Also, please click the Media button to send an email to national and local news outlets asking them to run her story.

Because Lisa is an adult, local law enforcement is not placing her disappearance as a priority. News Outlets won’t run her story unless they get a priority directive from the Clayton County Investigator. We need the support of the community to help find Lisa.

I’m seriously just getting sick to my stomach thinking about all of our folks that are missing right now. Like fuck y’all…

I’ll keep an eye out. I cab do that sort of thing now that I drive all over the place

If you live in Georgia, keep your eyes out for this girl

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    UPDATE: Missing GA woman, Lisa Lawson, found to have committed suicide....
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    If you live in Georgia, keep your eyes out for this girl
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    Update: She was found dead last night. My prayers are with her family & friends....
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